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10 ways to control Android from the PC

There are several reasons why it is sometimes necessary to control Android from the PC. For productivity issues, how to respond to notifications and messages from the same PC. Or remote control, so that someone on the other side of the world can help you with a problem. Even if you can control a cell phone with a broken screen or that does not respond.

The programs indicated below will allow you to control the cell phone from the PC. By USB cable or wirelessly. Under the same WiFi network or remotely. From PCs with Windows, Linux or Mac systems.

Control cellular from PC: The best APPS

1: Vysor


Control cellular from PC
Control cellular from PC

Yes, this is the best application to control Android from the PC. Especially for the simplicity it offers.

If you buy the paid version, there are interesting options. For example, you can put the cell phone in full screen on the PC. There is also wireless connection mode. Another PRO feature is the option of remote control of Android from the PC. You can share your screen with a person on the other side of the world, if you require it.

Perhaps its small disadvantage is the technical nature of the initial configuration. You have to activate USB debugging on the Android . It is also necessary to install the ADB drivers of the mobile on the PC, in case you have Windows system. Finally, Vysor is installed in the Google Chrome browser of the PC (Windows, Linux or Mac), it is executed and the mobile is connected to the computer with the USB cable.

The advantage is that, once configured Vysor, next time you will only have to connect the cell phone to the PC and now.

Download Vysor : vysor.io

2: AirDroid


Another app to manage Android from PC that I have tested for a long time and works quite well.

You can control the cell phone from the browser or from your desktop client. The second option is the best because you will have all the features for a better experience.

When operating with an account, you can control the cell phone from the PC wirelessly, locally (same WiFi network) and apparently also from a distance. In this way you can also remotely control your Android from a PC elsewhere.

AirDroid is easier to configure. You only have to install the software on the cell phone and on the PC (or instead of installing on the PC, access from web.airdroid.com), and log in with the same account on both computers.

Download AirDroid : airdroid.com

3: Mobizen

A program very similar to AirDroid to manage Android from the PC. Enter your account in the Android app and on the PC (browser or desktop client) and that’s it. Similarly, that means you can control the cell phone wirelessly from a PC on the same WiFi network, or even remotely apparently.

The nice thing about Mobizen is that it frames the image in a frame that has the shape of a cell phone. You may like this if you plan to record a tutorial on how to do something on Android.

Download Mobizen : mobizen.com

4: DeskDock

This is a different program from the previous ones. It allows controlling Android from PC, but in another way. The cell phone becomes a second screen of the PC, controllable with the same mouse and keyboard. The PC cursor moves between both computers. In any of them you can click and type with the keyboard.

That is, the difference of DeskDock is that the cell phone screen is not seen inside the PC screen, as it happens with the other programs.

The initial configuration is not as simple as in the previous cases. We have a step-by-step tutorial to configure DeskDock here .

Download DeskDock : Developer’s Web

Other programs to manage Android from PC

The following programs I have not tried. But I have researched a little about them to offer you a greater variety of alternatives to those mentioned above.

5: TeamViewer QuickSupport

Works without root and it’s free. First you must install the Android application on your cell phone. Then you must download and install the TeamViewer Windows program from your teamviewer.com website  (the full version). 
Finally you just have to run the application installed on your Android, copy the ID offered there and paste it into the program that you installed on the PC.

You can see that this tool offers the possibility of chatting between Android and the PC with the aim of providing remote support to the user of the device. Cell phone and computer do NOT necessarily have to be in the same WiFi network. It is only necessary that both have an internet connection.

Currently it works with Samsung, Sony, Alcatel, Asus and Lenovo phones, Archos, LG, HTC, Huawei, among others.

Note : If TeamViewer QUICKSUPPORT does not work for you, try the TeamViewer Host app .

6: VMLite VNC Server

Does not require Root but, it is not Free. You have to install the Android app that you can find in vmlite.com . The value of the app on Google Play is $ 9.99.

On how to use it, you must run it, start the server with “START”, copy the IP address provided and paste it into a browser with HTML5 support. Most current browsers will work.

Instead of the browser you can also use a VNC viewer -VNC Viewer-. 
It works on phones without root and with root although, in the first case, when the phone is restarted it is necessary to use a desktop program to make it work again. In this regard you can find a good tutorial VMLite VNC Server on this site  (in English).

7: Synergy

Free, but you must have your device rooted. This is an open source alternative “Open Source”, which basically allows sharing the keyboard and mouse of the PC with Android, in addition to other actions.

What you need to do is install the software on the PC – it has a version for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux – and the respective application on the phone (you can download both from the link provided before). Done that, in the program of the PC it is necessary to add to the cell phone as a “client”.

Update : The above link is for the Synergy Windows client. The APK (the Android application) can be downloaded from SourceForge  (click on “Release 0.0005 Alpha” to download the latest version available at the time of writing this update).

8: DroidSKM (ShareKM)

Does not require root and is free. It also allows you to operate the phone with the PC keyboard and mouse, via USB, WiFi and Bluetooth. You need the application for Android and the PC application to work.

You only have to install both and choose the type of connection in the mobile application and also in the PC software. The process is different depending on the connection, although it is easy anyway. You can see how to do it in detail and download both from the indicated link.

The following video can help you set up Synergy and DroidSKM. It is in English but the images can help you a lot.


9: 3CX DroidDesktop

It’s free but you must have root authority.

You have to install the Android app offered before and copy the URL provided by the application in the PC browser.

10: MyMobiler

It’s free and apparently you do not need to root. It must be installed on the phone and on the PC. To make it work you have to connect the phone to the PC by USB for the first and only time.

The procedure is explained below, in summary: first install the mobile driver in the computer, activate the debugging USB in the phone and finally connect cell and PC with the cable. Right after that, the program is installed on the PC and executed. A connection screen should appear on the Android device. Finally, the connection between both computers must be enabled from the Windows status bar.

You can download the mobile version and PC from mymobiler.com . There is a tutorial on how to configure it right there.

11: Pocket Controller for Android

Only for Samsung brand phones. No cost and apparently you do not have to have your cell phone rooted. Keep in mind that it only works until Android Jelly Bean 4.2. You must install the mobile app and the program for the PC. Both can be obtained from the link provided above. Both are executed and are expected to be synchronized to obtain remote control. It can work under WiFi, USB and Bluetooth.

It is a fairly complete tool because it virtually allows you to remotely control android completely, manage Android files, offers tools for presentations, file synchronisation, capture and record cell phone screen, print, offer phone information and manage processes.

12: MightyText

You do not have to pay anything and you do not have to know about rooters. It will be useful to write SMS from the PC with the same number of your Android, see the incoming text messages and also send SMS from the browser.

Yes, it is a web application. You must install the respective application on your smartphone or tablet (get it on mightytext.net ) and log in with a Google account. You must also log in to the MightyText website with the same account and go. It has a browser extension too.

13: Bonus 

Bomgar and LogMeIn Rescue are two little known options that have the same purposes. There are other programs that may interest you in this article .

Note : In order to control a cell phone with a broken screen from the PC, both computers must have been previously configured.

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