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6 ways to greatly improve your sights on Fortnite!

There is no doubt that Fortnite is the biggest battle royals phenomenon. The game has added to the genre the building mechanics and material farm that are crucial to the gameplay. Even so, like any shooting game, aiming and shooting skills remain the most important aspect of the game.

Thinking about the players who need to get their skills up, we’ve brought you 6 ways to improve your Fortnite look!

1. Know the mechanics of shooting Fortnite

The mechanics of shooting in Fortnite are a bit different from what we are used to see in other games like PUBG, Counter Strike, CoD, etc. Therefore, it is not always possible to transfer the skills of other games, which can catch many players unprepared.

The first step is to understand that not all guns in the game follow the same rules. That’s because, at Fortnite, there are two types of weapon mechanics: hitscan and projectile base . Hitscan is how all gaming weapons work, except for snipers and explosives. Through this mechanic the shots do not have any travel time or fall, reaching the opponents immediately after the shot, regardless of distance, as long as the shot is accurate, of course.

Snipers and explosives are weapons based on projectile-based physical projectiles. It means that when you click, a projectile will come out of your weapon and travel to the target. So whenever you use this type of weapon, you will need to take into account the distance and speed of the shot to hit the shots, as they will take time to reach the target, as well as losing height. It is in this context that you need to shoot a little ahead of your target, waiting for it to move and go against the shot.

So do not confuse the two mechanics. Even in super long distance, if you are using an assault rifle, for example, never consider travel time and bullet drop.

2. Understand what is bloom

Bloom is another Fortnite mechanic that sets it apart from other shooting games. It consists of opening your aim when you shoot many shots in a row. It is similar to the recoil of Counter Strike, but the difference is that in Fortnite the shots spread totally randomlywithin the area of ​​the sight. Therefore, there is no way to master the spray of weapons, so the fighting revolves around controlling and minimizing the size of the sight.

The smaller the scope, the smaller the area the shots can reach and the greater their accuracy. Squatting, standing still and shooting slowly offers as much precision as possible to your shots, while running and fast shooting has the opposite effect. Some ways to deal with bloom are:

Control your shooting rate : in medium and long distance, avoid the maximum hold of the mouse button. The best way to play these situations is to make single shots controlled as fast as possible. There is an ideal middle ground between shooting fast and precisely that you only get by clicking for each shot. Only then will you find the right rhythm.

First shot accuracy : Whenever possible, try to start fighting while you are standing still. That’s because, stopped, the first shot always has 100% accuracy, so take advantage to get the upper hand and then start moving.

Shooting Rate> Accuracy : Within a short distance, know that you should care less about accuracy than shooting . Remember that when the opponent is close, many shots will still connect even if your crosshair is large. So this is the right time to hold the button.

Some weapons like assault rifle with sights and assault rifle with thermal sights are not affected by the bloom of the crosshairs.

3. Use the drive to adjust your aim

You do not have to aim with the mouse always. In various situations during combat your aim is at the right time and you only have to take a step or two to the side to adjust the crosshair. This tip is especially useful when you are aiming downwards (when you have the high ground).

Thus, the goal is to keep the mouse stopped to the maximum and try to mirror the opponent’s movements to maintain the correct aim. This way you eliminate a very important factor that is the sensitivity of the mouse.

4. Align your shots before exiting the cover


When you incorporate the drive into your crosshair setting you unlock the option to align the shots before leaving the cover. Thus, the ideal way to use toppings is to: identify the opponent’s position> align the target> peekar and shoot> hide. Of course, there is always a chance your opponent has repositioned, but the more aligned the sight is, the less adjustment will be required.

5. Look at the

Finally something that can be brought from other games. Target positioning is a concept present in any FPS. According to him, you should always have mind the points on the screen where your opponents can appear, and leave the scope there.

Targeting is a bit more neglected in Fortnite due to the construction mechanics that force players to keep their sights on various points of the screen. Keep an eye out for this, and always keep your sights pointed to a possible point of risk. Staying alert for sounds is crucial to assist in positioning the sights.

The best way to improve target positioning is to record your matches and watch them. You will notice the number of times you are not even building anything and your aim is pointed at useless points on the screen.

6. Train tracking and flicks in playground mode

Treino - Fortnite

Tracking consists of “tracking” the target, firing as it moves. Tracking is present in basically every combat of the game, since most of the weapons work with the mechanics of hitscan (see item number 1 above). Playing with low sensitivity helps a lot when it comes to keeping your sights on moving targets.

Already the flicks or flick shots are the famous “dragged of mouse”. This is when you reposition your target extremely fast to connect the shots at opponents that were far from your target positioning. Usually the flicks are needed in frantic fighting in close range when players are jumping, running and building as fast as possible.

To train both techniques there is a fun method that can be done in Playground Mode. Use two jumps jump away from each other and position an object to fall on top of one so that it bounces from side to side. The method is not as effective as you’d like, but it helps a lot, especially with tracking and for you to find the optimal sensitivity.

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