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Aspects in Sekiro that are similar to Tenchu

Finally, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was officially released (22/3)! This game is the creation of a Japanese game developer company, From Software. At a glance from the footage, we feel nostalgic with other classic ninja games that are also created from Software, namely Tenchu .

Reported by Polygon , the Tenchu game series was originally owned by Sony and then acquired by Activition which later became the sole developer of the next Tenchu series . Within a few years, Activition sold all of its assets to one of the gaming companies in Japan, namely From Software.

Well, this is where the interesting story begins. In 2003, Activision and FromSoftware collaborated in making the Tenchu game : Wrath of Heaven. Now, they are re-establishing cooperation in making Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Is this a coincidence?

Perhaps this is why we feel the similarity of the nuances of the Tenchu game : Wrath of Heavenin Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice . Does FromSoftware want to bring the world of Tenchu in this game with a new look? To ensure this, let’s look at the following brief review!

Carrying the Japanese Theme of the Sengoku Period

Sekiro Game : Shadows Die Twice has the same theme as the Tenchu game , which is set in the Japanese era in the Sengoku period. Some kingdoms stand majestically to control areas on Japanese soil and have troops armed with swords called samurai. Besides samurai, there are more types of assassin forces known as ninjas.

The royal theme of the Sengoku era is used as the setting for the two games. When playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you will be in a kingdom where your main enemy is in power. Inside there are some iconic buildings that characterize the kingdoms of the time, such as yagura (watchtower), fushin (a kind of trench that is useful as irrigation water flow), and sakuji(main palace or building made of wood and stone) .

Unlike Tenchu, who is full of darkness , the appearance of a kingdom presented at Sekiro looks brighter. For a modern game, the graphic display becomes one of the main elements that must be considered. Maybe this is the reason for FromSoftware and Activition to display more colorful graphics so that the map details displayed can be enjoyed by the players.

Action Stealth which Keji

When playing Tenchu, as much as possible you will definitely kill the enemy with stealthtechniques The art of secretly killing has the appearance of a special effect in the form of blood spraying from the part of the body drawn by the sword. Well, this action is also used in Sekiro.

The difference, stealth in Sekiro is presented through better movement details so it looks more sadistic. Imagine, how bad are the characters you play stabbing enemies in the neck and then pulling them out?

So, for those of you who are afraid of blood, it’s better to prepare yourself when playing the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice . There will be lots of blood-filled scenes in it!

The presence of a powerful enemy of devils

It seems like the concept of the enemy with the power of darkness is still a favorite of From Software and Activition. If you have previously played Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, surely you are already familiar with the character named Tenrai. Yep, this character is the main enemy in the game. Tenrai is displayed as a human figure with demonic powers.

Looking at the snippet of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it looks like the boss with a similar concept will be present again. Indeed, not much information can be extracted from this old girl named Lady Butterfly. However, in the footage, we are given a little leak that he is the chairman of the Ashina Clan. Approximately, what are the strengths like?

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