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Athena Asamiya Character From King of Fighters Who Joins Mobile Legends

Athena Asamiya Characters from King of Fighters Joining Mobile Legends , Fighting game characters, from the King of Fighters, often work with unusual games as an element of promoting the game. Well, this time the original Athena Asamiya was the hero of the battle game, what would happen if she entered the MOBA game? Now to reply to a question like that has already been realized!

As an element of the Moonton and SNK cooperation project, the Psycho Soldier character who is among the most popular figures who have never been neglected in the King of Fighters game series has joined to become a character in the MOBA Mobile Legends game !

Of course, the existence of Athena’s character here also appeared in the form of a skin for Guinevere. No wonder, because for an independent hero his moves like Psycho Ball are still similar to other heroes, in this matter Guinevere.

In addition, Moonton also opens opportunities for players to predict who the next King of Fighters figures will be featured in Mobile Legends.

With blue hair strands, tube sleeves that are zooming in close, and black gloves, it is not possible if the character is Kyo, which is the main character of this series. Who is he then? Can you answer that? We count down the specs in 3, 2, 1 …

It could be that figure, and you have not a bit of hard evidence, is Leona Heidern, the daughter of Heidern who is the leading figure in the Ikari team.

Athena Asamiya Character From King of Fighters Who Joins Mobile Legends

Leona is a reasonable figure to enter into the MOBA game, and maybe even this one figure is more suitable to enter as a skin for a character like Kalina.

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