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Datamine Leaks, Devil May Cry 5 Will Add Vergil as a Playable Character?

Received a welcome from the fans who have waited for more than a decade, Devil May Cry 5 finally officially released and managed to answer all expectations thanks to its solid quality. Not only getting a very positive reception from critics and fans, Devil May Cry 5 also successfully became the second largest game PC release from Capcom (only lost to Monster Hunter World). When many gamers still enjoy playing time, it looks like the developer has prepared a surprise that will make them even more enthusiastic.

Most of you already know that Devil May Cry 5 will get an update to the Bloody Palace DLC in April, but details about what content will be present with it are still vague. Bloody Palace itself is a hardcore mode where players must pass various stages from one level to another with their chosen character. Each level will be occupied by many enemies who will get stronger, so you could say this is a mode that is perfect for you to practice playing skills and only want to feel the intense gameplay sensation.

This update alone might have made a lot of players enthusiastic, but the datamine leak that was successfully obtained by one of the ResetEra users brought a bigger surprise. So based on the data leak they got, it looks like the Bloody Palace update will come with co-op mode and additional Vergil as a playable character. If this leak is true, it’s no wonder of course why Capcom needs an extra month to prepare it.

Devil May Cry 5 itself has been officially released and you can play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC via Steam.

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