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Defeat SES, EVOS.AOV won the ESL Indonesia Championship

March 29, 2019 is the highlight of the event from the ESL Indonesia Championship. The Grand Final of the ESL Indonesia Championship brought together two big teams, namely Brother Esports and EVOS.AOV. SES is very ambitious to win, because they borrowed one RRQ player, Binx and Kurus from the Games World.

The ESL Indonesia Grand Final Championship was very fierce. Next is the recap of the match between EVOS.AOV against Brother Esports.

Game 1
In the first game, SES continued to press EVOS since the beginning of the game. The result is that EVOS has difficulty handling Catee’s Quillen. On the 4th minute EVOS has been left behind 7 kills from SES. The combo between Illumia belonging to RoboX and Quillen Catee is really troublesome EVOS when doing teamfight. EVOS must be 1 point behind SES.

Game 2

Left behind 1 point from SES does not make EVOS players go down mentally. In the second game even more dominated by EVOS. Wiraww several times successfully executed the SES players with Quillen. Wyvorz also won his lane against Binx from the beginning and made Proxy several times Can equalize points with SES makes mental EVOS players back up.

Game 3

In the third game there was an interesting event when the two teams did a  draft pick. EVOS.AOV ban all mage heroes while SES tires all Assassin heroes. On the third both teams played fairly well. Several times a trading tower exchange occurs. Although in the end SES excels in the number of kill, EVOS.AOV can objectively balance SES such as towers and Abyssal Dragon. Wiraww’s Murad also forced SES players to always back down because the damage produced was quite large. EVOS.AOV finally got the lead from SES with a score of 2-1.

Game 4

The fourth SES game does a pretty interesting pick by making Maloch fill mid and Darcy’s position as a jungler. But with the pick that SES did they succeeded in making EVOS.AOV difficulties. even Quillars belonging to Wiraww failed several times to execute the SES players. Until the middle of the SES game continues to dominate the game. It’s just EVOS. managed to reverse the situation thanks to mistakes made by SES. Pokka managed to bury SES players with Baldum while Hans managed to get a free hit. With this error EVOS managed to make a comeback with a score of 3-1.

Source: Instagram ESL Indonesia

Finally EVOS.AOV came out as the ESL Indonesia Championship champion. With this, EVOS.AOV also won 3 titles at once, namely ASL Season 2, Kaskus Battleground, and ESL Indonesia Championship. EVOS.AOV and Brother Esports will return to compete on March 30 at ESL Clash of Nations against teams from other countries to win 50.00 USD.



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