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Eclipse Isle, NetEase Creates a Game with the Moba Concept + Battle Royale

NetEase is rumoured to have created a new game concept, namely by combining Moba elements with Battle Royale.

NetEase itself is a giant internet technology company from the bamboo curtain country, China, China.

They are very well known as an online service provider that focuses on content (games), community, communication and also trade.

The company that was founded in 1997 has indeed been known as the king of producing great games.

Among them are Minecraft, Knives Out, Onmyoji, Rules of Survival, World of Warcraft, LifeAfter and many more .

For you lovers of MOBA or Battle Royal games, there is very good news for you.

Because, the giant manufacturer from China has managed to create a game with a new concept.

Namely combining the basic concepts of MOBA gameplay and Battle Royal into one game.

Initially, in January, NetEase itself had announced that it was developing the latest game with the present concept.

This game is titled Eclipse Isle.

Currently, the game is opening their latest closed beta stage globally, aka SEA (South East Asia) Server.

Of course games provided are based on English.

Previously, this game was known as Operation Stormy Island on the Mobile platform.

Then, after development by NetEase, this game also changed its name to Eclipse Isle.

This game will open their close beta stage for 8 days until April 25, 2019 later.

So for those of you who are interested or just want to try this game, you can download it right away.

Like Dynasti Warrior, MMORPG PVP Taste

Similar to other Battle Royale games like PUBG, Fortnite or Apex Legends.

Later you will be deployed to an area where you must be the last to survive among 59 other players.

By gathering various resources and weapons you must fight to defend your life and defeat the other players.

Uniquely, here you can also have various jobs or professions for you to play .

Like Ranged attackers, Magic Attacker, Assassins and so on.

Later, to hunt for other players’ characters, you will also be given special abilities that are unique according to each job.

Some have the ability to track the location of opponents, some are able to produce a loot box, some even have the skill of pretending to be dead, unique huh?

But unfortunately, this close beta period can only accommodate 2,000 players.

Various moves, skills and battle effects also look pretty cool like MMORPG games.

If in another Battle Royal game they pick up weapons to use for shooting.

Here you have to get Skill Stones, so that the skill or skill of each character can be unlocked.

So, with more and more you getting the stone skill, then your character moves will also be more and more to defeat your opponent.

For those of you who are happy with fighting games like Battle Royale, Eclipse Isle is the right game for you to play with friends.

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