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Enter the Pre-Registration Stage, the Pendulum Crescent User, Lahn is Ready to Present at the SEA Black Desert

Long awaited by SEA Black Desert Online server players, BDO is finally ready to present the latest class, Lahn. For players who want to play the Lahn class, they can try to follow the pre-registration period that starts on March 30. You can play the Lahn class on April 10 after BDO performs maintenance in the game. For players who have pre-registered, they will be able to arrange their Lahn character’s appearance on April 3. After the pre-registration period ends, players will get some attractive prizes to their account.

After the Lahn class was released in Black Desert, there will be an interesting event to be missed by the players. There will be a special prize for players who log in from March 31 to May 15. For 21 days, players who log in every day will get rare prizes, such as Advice of Valks and Shakatu Luxury Box. For those of you who want to start playing Black Desert Online, on March 30 to May 1 this game will get a discount of 40%.

The presence of Lahn was also one of the highlights during the ‘Voice of Adventures ll’, which was an offline event of the Black Desert SEA where it began today. 50 players will be met where they will discuss the upcoming updates and talk about community suggestions about fun activities, of course. By presenting this event, it is certain that it will make the community able to play Black Desert SEA comfortably and without any boredom, of course.

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