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ESports 2019 Presidential Cup Presents Bootcamp Before Entering the Final

Before the final round is held, the sixteen teams eSports will compete in the final round of the Presidents Cup eSports will follow the Bootcamp , you know.

ESports 2019 Presidential Cup Presents Bootcamp Before Entering the Final

This bootcamp will be held at the Presidential Staff Office on March 27 and 28 2019.

“We support the existence of a Bootcamp for the 2019 eSports Presidential Cup athletes because we view talent as not enough for someone to become an accomplished athlete ,” said Abraham Wirotomo as Deputy Second Expert Expert II. The Presidential Staff Office explained why Bootcamp was held .

According to Abraham, there are 3 other things that support someone to become an eSports athlete. First, there must be a spirit of nationalism, a motivation to defend the homeland and to make the nation proud.

Then, the second is understanding healthy lifestyle and nutrition. The ability of the brain must be supported by a healthy body. Athletes must be aware of the importance of maintaining physical fitness so that stamina and concentration are well preserved.

Finally, the third is the ability to process financially. Salary for eSports athletes is quite fantastic. Ages in their 20s have gotten tens to hundreds of millions per month. They must be good at managing their finances so they are not wasteful for things that are not useful. If possible to invest as a guarantee of the future.

Giring Ganesha as President of IESPL as well as Chair of the Organizing Committee of the 2019 eSports Presidential Cup added, “As an eSports athlete, it is not only good at playing games. But must have good public speaking.”

The sleigh exemplifies Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, who are good soccer athletes with public speaking and can know how to behave in front of the media and many people.

In the BootCamp , there will be a series of activities to be held, including the Formation of the Ideology of Pancasila, Sports and Dedication to the Nation by Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir.

Not only that, there are also eSports Team and eSports Business Building by Hartman Haris from and Delwyn.

Then there is the Personal Development by Laksmiari Saraswati Widodo, Public Speaking by Kemal, and Healthy Lifestyle by Andi Kurniawan, Sp.KO.

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