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Four Facts War of Emperium Ragnarok Eternal Love, Inter-Guild War Event!

War of Emperium Ragnarok Eternal Love is definitely the most awaited event, right? Before joining WOE, first know the five facts!
It seems like the Ragnarok Eternal Love players are happy now. You see, the War of Emperium Ragnarok Eternal Love has been announced and soon it can be tried. For Ragnarok Classic players , of course you already know what the War of Emperium is. But for players who have just tried the Ragnarok franchise at Ragnarok Eternal Love , they don’t know the excitement of the War of Emperium.

For this reason, on this occasion, the author will explain the War of Emperium along with other facts. Come on, just take a look at the discussion!

1. What is the War of Emperium?

War of Emperium is one of the events in Ragnarok Eternal Love which makes guilds fight with each other in PVP on a very large scale. In this war, you will fight over the castle or known as Agits.

The attacking guild will race to destroy the ‘Emperium’ in the middle of the castle. Successfully destroying Emperium means your guild has occupied the castle.

If your guild already has a castle, you must defend the castle from the attacking guilds .

To join the War of Emperium, of course you must have joined a guild.

2. Schedule of War of Emperium

The War of Emperium is scheduled to take place every Thursday and Sunday at 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. WIB. For the first War of Emperium, it will be held on Thursday, March 28, 2019, at 21:00 WIB.

3. Purpose and Role War of Emperium

The goal of this war between guilds is simple – fighting to occupy a castle and keep it as hard as possible.

For the role of his War of Emperium, divided into two, namely guild attacker and guild survive.

Attacking Guild

Attacking Guild

If your guild has not occupied a castle, then you belong to the attack guild . The attacking guild can challenge the guild to survive to seize their castle.

Defending Guild

After you succeed in destroying the empire and occupying the castle, you will automatically act as a defending guild . The task of this role is only one – endure it so that your emperor is not destroyed by the enemy.

4. Regulations and Mechanisms of War of Emperium

In order for everything to be balanced, there are some rules that cannot be violated when participating in the War of Emperium, namely:

  • Fly Wing and Transformation Scroll cannot be used;
  • Eating dishes is not allowed;
  • Warp or Teleportation skills cannot be used;
  • Play Dead Skills cannot be used;
  • The skill of Marriage also cannot be used.

The special mechanism in the War of Emperium is like this:

  • The Knockback effect will not work;
  • All participants receive an additional 400 percent of HP;
  • You can press the dead player to ‘kick’ him out of the area. He will reappear at the save point ;
  • There is a pause before someone can resurrect you;
  • Percentage-based recovery items can be used, but the recovery rate is the same as your character’s normal HP.

Those are the four facts War of Emperium Ragnarok Eternal Love . Now, after knowing these facts, have you wondered how exciting it is to join the War of Emperium? Keep in mind, players who have not yet become guild members cannot feel the War of Emperium. So, you have to enter the guild first! Let’s share your battle experience in the War of Emperium in the comments column!

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