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How to Install Add On IDM to Mozilla Firefox on PC

Internet Download Manager or commonly called IDM is one of the most popular applications among computer users.

The function of this application is indeed very useful, which helps speed up the process of downloading files from the internet.

Especially in our country where the internet speed is not as fast as developed countries, IDM is very useful.

Size files that we download from the internet will be downloaded faster if you use IDM.

But if you don’t use IDM, it will take longer.

Cool again, this IDM can be fully integrated with the browser that we use.

Whether it’s Firefox or Chrome .

But sometimes the wrong settings make IDM unable to appear.

Therefore it will make some people confused and IDM does not open automatically when you download the file.

One reason is usually because the integration with the add-on in the browser has a problem.

You must reinstall the add-on used.

In this DuniaGames tutorial, I will describe how to install the IDM add-on on Mozilla Firefor.

How to Install Add On IDM to Mozilla Firefox on PC

Friend DuniaGames can immediately follow the tutorial below to install Add On Internet Download Manager in Firefox:

1. First, please DuniaGames, open Mozilla Firefox first on each PC.

2. Then search for Internet Download Manager on the add-ons page, or click here to speed up.

3. If you have, click the + Add button to Firefox . Look like the picture below.

4. After that it will load for a while and then a small pop up appears confirming whether you really want to install the add-on or not. Click Add .

 5. Finish.

If necessary, you can restart the PC to ensure that IDM is fully integrated with Firefox.

After restarting, please try downloading any file to test the add-on.

If IDM does not open directly when you download a file from Firefox, there may be an inappropriate step when you follow the tutorial above.

Please delete the add-on again, and repeat the steps above.

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