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How to Make Money on Last Shelter: Survival in 8 Steps

All strategy games with survival elements bring the need for resources constantly. Last Shelter: Survival is no different. But perhaps more important than the resources in this game is money. And we know that raising your numbers in the bank is not a very fast task in this game . So today we will give you some tips to get around this situation.

So if you are looking for ways to increase your financial reserves in Last Shelter: Survivalwithout cheats , it is in the right text. Our tips are simple, involving things you usually already know or already do, but can be done more efficiently.

1. Use the sound system to make money

The simplest way to make money on Last Shelter is by using the speaker outside your camp. If you started now or if you are still going to start in the game, know that this object is key to growing your amount of money. Its primary function is to call zombies to its base, which makes its troops kill the creatures.

Each dead zombie gives you a specific amount. It is the best way to get money for free and without cheating. Mainly because after killing all the zombies you get a box containing more money . The problem is that the speaker needs to cool a little after use. That is, you will have to wait almost four minutes before you can use it again.

2. Attack the rebel camps

The good survival games have those rebels that need to be fought. In Last Shelter: Survivalthere are several scattered around the map. Besides experience, they give good amount of money. The higher the level of the rebel camp, the greater the amount of green notes you will receive as a prize.

Keep in mind, however, that it is not just going out attacking these sites. Preparing your troops, training them and dropping them at the highest level is essential if you are to succeed. Otherwise, you will only waste time and you will run out of money.

3. Complete the daily challenges and participate in the Events

Many players underestimate these tasks and challenges. They are great sources not only of money but also of resources. What’s more, the daily challenges are renewed every hour, so there are several chances there every day of winning prizes for completing tasks that are usually quite simple.

Another thing you should pay close attention to is the appearance of the Events. There is always an event taking place in the world of Last Shelter: Survival . Some, of course, are harder to beat, however the easier you can attend and still come away with some good cash rewards.

4. Upgrade the skills of the leading hero of the resistance

This way of making money may even be one of the most time consuming, yet it is one of the most guaranteed of high cash value . All you have to do is leave the skills of your resistance leader to the maximum. You will realize that the more it evolves, the more money you earn.

For example: skill 2 increases the amount of money you earn per hour, while 4 will increase that amount even more. Already skill 3 allows you to receive up to 250 thousand in only 22 hours if this skill is used in a bank. Already note that the chances of you getting rich with this feature are enormous.

5. Increase population to optimize banks

The more banks there are in your base, the more money will go into your account. If you raise everyone’s levels to the fullest, then you may believe that your financial output will be unmanageable. But for this to be possible, you must have a sufficient number of residential dwellings at your base. Unfortunately, the construction and evolution of banks depends on this factor.

6. Sell resources at the Command Center

Time is money, and the more resources you sell in the shortest possible time, the more money you’ll get. This can be done in the Command Center. Every visit you make there already earns some change, especially if you sell water. Improving the water filters and the helicopter allows more water to be sold.

7. Attack the Wendells level 15

Wendell is a specific type of zombie that appears randomly every day on the map. It appears in four different levels, with 1 being the minimum and 15 being the maximum. Eliminating one of them requires that you participate with a set of troops, normally belonging to your Alliance. Prizes are only awarded if the killer stroke is awarded by a member of your group.

Also, it is mandatory that you have at least three rally slots available at your base. Another requirement is that at least two members of his alliance join the attempt to kill Wendell who appeared. If this does not occur, the rally is automatically canceled.

A Wendell level 1 can give you up to 100k of money, plus diamonds and other prizes. Imagine how much you can not receive if you face a full level.

8. Choose the Trader Class

When the Tutorial part of the game ends, you have the option to choose from three classes: Raider, Farmer and Trader. Raider makes it easy to attack and plunder other players. Farmer increases the production of resources. Trader, finally, is the one who gives that boost in money-making. There is 50% more cash gain .

But of course this brings some disadvantages in other fields. All of your extra features, for example, will be looted if there is a draw and you have chosen this class. Wounded units will take 50% more time to recover. Two things that can be very problematic.

Still worth it. If you think that this class still gives you a 30% discount on food consumption, there is already an advantage in taking that risk. Outside, sales gains in the Command Center are up 50 percent.

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