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How to Unwanted Guest (Goblin Spring Festival) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

At the 4th event of the Goblin Spring Festival, there is a new event which will begin on April 8, 2019, An Unwanted Guest. This event is located in a dungeon and you have the duty to protect and save the goblins from attack. This event will end on April 15, 2019. You who do not like to join a party, this event can be played solo or alone.

How to An Unwanted Guest

First of all you have to go to Geffen and look for the Yula Goblin NPC Lord (Great Wizard) Wizard. Talk to him to take the Goblin Rescue quest.

You can see the Yula Goblin Wizard Lord’s location in the picture above. Once you are inside the dungeon, you must defeat all the monsters and protect the goblins. If you lose, you have to repeat from the beginning.


  • Spring Symphony
  • Valkyrie’s Gift
  • And others

You will also get a spring day badge for the participation of An Unwanted Guest.


  • Use of Fly Wing is prohibited
  • Assassins or skills disappear will not affect monsters in dungeom

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