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It’s not difficult, Speedrunner is completing Sekiro in just one hour less

Soulsborne game lovers or interested gamers must be busy with the latest games made from FromSoftware which now take on the Japanese Shinobi theme – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice . This game itself still carries the hallmark of previous games where you will fight giant enemies , with thick blood, and attacks that kill your character easily. But for those who are already familiar with games like Dark Souls, they might be a bit familiar with the game patterns in Sekiro.

But no matter which one you are, completing this game in a short period of time definitely looks impossible because you certainly still need hours to complete this game. But this is evidenced by a speeedrunner named Danflesh11 who performs LiveStream on Twitch who is able to complete all of these Sekiro games in less than an hour, or more precisely in just 50 minutes 52 seconds.

Amazing time itself can be achieved by Danflesh by killing bosses in the game with an average of 5-10 minutes. Things that certainly will not be able to be obtained by new players or ordinary players, experience and troubles to fight bosses in this game certainly helps him to kill quickly. Coupled with the selection of the fastest ending that can be obtained, and of course by cutting the cutscene like speedrunner in general. You can watch the full livestream below:
Watch WR Any% Shura 50:52 RTA No Load from danflesh111 on www.twitch.tv

The record and problem11 itself is awesome, although it won’t last long. Because other speedrunners will probably try to perfect the speedrun he has done to get a faster time. Moreover, Sekiro itself has a New Game Plus feature where you can repeat your gameplay with the abilities and enhancements that you have opened before. How long do you yourself need to finish the game?

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