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Malaysian Menpora Voices Stop Blaming PUBG for Terrorist Action

PUBG recently got an unpleasant issue due to the heartbreaking events that occurred in New Zealand that were deliberately connected. Plus the West Java MUI had held a discourse to give Haram fatwa to the quite popular Battle Royale game.

Although the MUI finally did not give Haram’s law to the game and gave a record of three good online game recommendations to play. Seeing a lot of negative issues regarding PUBG, the Menpora Malaysia also spoke up to this.

The Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Syeq Saddiq, stressed that the PUBG should not be blamed for the tragedy, extremists will continue to carry out irresponsible actions even without the influence of video games.

Syed Saddiq said online games such as PUBG had nothing to do with the killings that occurred in New Zealand. “(The incident) is greater than that (just inspired by the game). We must pay respect to those who lost their lives but don’t rush to blame the online game,” Saddiq said.

“Do we have to block all games with the element of shooting in them? I think the shooting in Christchurch is greater than that,” continued the 26-year-old Menpora.

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