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(Mobile Legends) Terizla, the Blacksmith Filled with Burning Revenge

After the appearance of Guinevere and Esmeralda, Mooonton again presented a new hero in Mobile Legends, namely Terizla. He is a Fighter hero who has a very high damage rate. Most of his abilities can produce very large burst damage . Intrigued by the new hero? Please refer to the following review!


Terizla is a blacksmith leader in a village near the Moniyan Kingdom. The weapons produced by the blacksmiths are known to be very deadly. One day, the King forced Terizla to surrender over the Moniyan Kingdom. He refused. Disliking the repulsion, the Moniyan Kingdom carried out an attack and arrested Terizla.

Terizla was held at the Monastery of Light as a ‘guinea pig’. The experiments he experienced made him remember the death of other blacksmiths. The memory is getting stronger every day. Because of the pain and anger he experienced, he managed to escape. Now, he is heading for Moniyan Empire to take revenge. Moreover, the Abyssal wizard – who was not mentioned by whom – incited him so that his intentions of revenge became stronger.

Passive Skill – Chaotic Barrier

Skill passive Terizla make each 2% HP has been discharged into a 1% reduction effect damage . The reduction effect that you can get can only reach a maximum of 40%.

There are other effects of this skill . Terizla won’t get an attack speed effect from items , emblems , or Inspire battle spells . Instead, each one percent speed attack will be converted into one Physical Damage point.

Analysis: Terizla has the potential to be a very strong hero in combat. Because the effect of reducing the damage triggered by HP that has been used up makes it even more difficult to kill when dying.

However, it must be admitted that Terizla is a slow hero because it does not have the effect of attack speed . The attack you can rely on only comes from burst damage . For that, make sure all your attack skills regarding the enemy so that the input damage to the enemy can be maximum.

Skill 1 – Revenge Strike

Terizla can divide the ground and damage 300 (+ 120% Total Physical Damage). The first enemy affected by this skill will experience a slow effect of 25%. When the enemy is hit by a slow effect , he will get an increase in motion speed of 40% for 3 seconds.

This skill has a derivative effect. Enemies affected by the first attack will get additional damage of 300-450 (+ 120% Total Physical Damage) after a few seconds.

Analysis: Revenge Strike is very suitable for harassing in the laning phase . With damage that is fairly high, Terizla can even do solo kills for heroes with low levels of defense. Revenge Strike is also very suitable for reaching enemies who are trying to escape. The effect of a slowdown of 25%, plus an extra motion speed of 40%, can make it easier for you to kill enemies.

An eight-second cool down duration at level six makes this skill must be used effectively. Overall, one of the most important functions in this skill is increasing the motion speed of Terizla. So, this skill is also suitable for lane rotation in combat.

Skill 2 – Execution Strike

Terizla attacks with a hammer in a large area. The attack can be carried out three times. The initial two attacks can provide 200 (+ 130% Total Physical Damage) damage. Then, the final attack can give 300 (+ 200% Total Physical Damage) damage. Not only that, the final attack can also cause a slow effect of 30%. S kill it you could use while moving.

Analysis: Skill Execution Strike is Terizla’s most terrible ability. With a large area and high damage levels, this skill is able to kill several heroes quickly. However, it should be noted, that the attack speed on this skill is fairly slow. This makes this skill must be used on the right momentum.

The final attack on Execution Strike skills can have a slow effect of 30%. This slow effect can be stacked with the Revenge Strike skill . With both of these skills , Terizla can easily lock the movement of one enemy hero.

Skill Ulti – Penalty Zone

Terizla lunged into a circular area, then called a large nail from under the ground. The circle around the enemy will be exposed to damage by 300 (+ 100% Total Physical Damage) and the effects of slow by 80%. Not only that, the enemy inside the area will be pulled slowly towards the center and get 150 (+ 30% Total Physical Damage).

Analysis: Penalty Zone becomes one of the most annoying skills for the enemy. This is due to the row of effects that this skill has, ranging from high damage levels, large area coverage, slow effects , and drag effects.

If you reflect on area coverage and other effects, Penalty Zone is one of the suitable skills to open a fight. With the right placement and momentum, Penalty Zone can be a skill that can affect the state of the fight in the future.

A little tips from KINCIR, you open the attack with skill 1, then lock the movement of the enemy hero with the skill Ulti. Furthermore, you can finish off the enemy heroes with the help of Execution Strike skill which also has a large attack area.


Terizla is a Fighter that has high burst damage . A row of abilities makes it one of the suitable heroes to be played as an Initiator. Not only that, high damage makes it one of the most deadly heroes.

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