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Mortal Kombat 11 announced a new character

The most striking scene in Fight games to places that made Mortal Kombat new game in the series April 23 will be released on. With Mortal Kombat 11, developers who carry the story of serini to another dimension have announced a new character for the game. This character, named Cetrion , is slightly different in appearance and ability than other Mortal Kombat characters. With the announcement made by Game Informer, the fighter list of the game was pretty bullish.

Mortal Kombat 11 announced a new character

Finally, it is curious how the developers who announced the Jax character will announce the characters. The newly announced Cetrion is a bit like the Tremor character we encountered at Mortal Kombat X. Cetrion, who looks like Tremor for talent, let’s see how he’s in the story. In addition, the other characters announced for the game are as follows;

* Baraka
* Cassie Cage
* Geras (New Male Character)
* Johnny Cage
* Kabal
* Kano
* Kronika (New Female Character)
* Kung Lao
* Liu Kang
* Raiden
* Scorpion
* Shao Kahn (Pre-order Bonus)
* Skarlet
* Sonya Blade
* Sub-Zero
* Erron Black
* Kotal Kahn
* Jacqui Briggs
* Jade
* Jax
* Noob Saibot

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