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PUBG Lite Gift Sharing! But Not for You, Solo Player.

PUBG Lite developers seem to be generous to their players!

In a post on its official Facebook page, PUBG Lite ID Official announces that it will give prizes to all players who are able to meet the requirements listed!

However, for you solo players  it seems you have to ask for help from the community to get this prize.

Because, you are asked to  like a post from the PUBG Lite ID Official Facebook page and tag three of your friends to get a prize for “Balaclava” with a permanent duration!

However, the permanent duration can only be obtained if

If you often play  squad , this task is not a difficult thing, right?

How about a solo player? Who will you rely on?

So far, members of the PUBG Lite community have been very helpful for solo players  to make friends.

It could be, this is a way for PUBG to attract players and form communities that help each other both inside and outside the game.

However, there are also rules that you must obey so as not to be disqualified from this  PUBG Lite event .

The first is that you cannot  spam  the post.

Deliberately  spamming with the hope of getting a bigger chance will make your chance disappear!

Then, one account can only get this item once. This point, will connect the previous points where you cannot  spam.

So, if you hope to get more than 1 Balaclava, you better bury deeply before being disappointed and finally disqualified.

And most importantly, don’t write your nickname wrong  ! Once wrong, your chance will be forfeited!

What? Surely you don’t want to miss this opportunity right? Therefore hunt for  your 3 friends tag  .

For those who have not tried and are interested, download PUBG Lite at this link !

Link:  Download  PUBG Lite

Then, register yourself at  this link too !

Link:  PUBG Lite Registration

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