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RAGE 2 Introduces Cheats & the Wasteland Wizard

Cheat codes of the game Rage 2 were released on May 14th.

Rage 2, published by Bethesda Softworks, will be available on May 14th. Cheats appeared on all platforms. You will even be allowed to take these cheats from a wizard inside the game.

Tricks, the reality of many games nowadays, players need to speak in a language “cancer” is a situation. Although Valve has installed a VAC system on Steam; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, such as the competition is very high, the players spend hours in the game is very much cheaters come out. Although the VAC system cheats are full, there is a continuous solution thanks to the growing cheat sector in parallel with the gaming industry. It is even known that some players have used the trick in a professional way.

Rage 2 is surprisingly on the agenda with tricks. The strangest aspect of the game is that the producer of the game shares these tricks. Those who don’t believe can look here if they want . Let alone the players who do not like the trick. As is known, Rage 2 is a single player game. If we come to the resulting tricks;

He’s On Fire

When this trick is activated, you will hear the voice of Tim Kitzrow, the famous game speaker.

Go to Gud

This trick allows you to reduce all enemies to one hit. This unfair trick for your enemies gives you the deity feature.

Son of Thor

When you activate Thor’s son trick, you get your enemies closer to electricity and your character’s electricity increases.

Klegg Support

Gives you a friend. However, it is open to discussions or benefits.

Phoenix Rejector Seat

I guess even the producers don’t understand why they’re doing such a ridiculous trick. Because this trick is normally to throw the player out of the vehicle for a waste of movement, the opposite of the player left the car and throws the car.

Let’s see what we expect until 14 May and what will happen when that date comes.

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