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Ragnarok Mobile: How to get 100 Friendship Trials in 5 minutes

In Ragnarok M: Etenal Love, Friendship Proofs are the best ways to get Mora Coins, which are used to enchant equipment. Considering that each Coin Coin costs 10 Friendship Tests, the more of this item you have, the more enchantments you can perform, and the more likely you get the famous fourth enchantment.

If you are in the fight to get the best items, check out the guide below for how to get up to 100 Friendship Tests per day!

How to get Friendship Proofs

To get Friendship Tests you must complete group activities such as:

  • Help other players do their quest quests.
  • Help other players complete their Cracks.
  • Fighting in the guild dungeon.
  • Group fight at Endless Tower.

The weekly limit for Friendship Proof is 500 and the daily limit is 100. Check below how to beat this daily limit in 5 minutes!

Achieving 100 Friendship Trials in 5 Minutes

Follow the step-by-step below to quickly beat the daily limit of Friendship Exams:

Create or join a group of 5 people : if you do not have a known friend, spamme the chat behind the players looking to do the daily quests.

Add group members as friends : all members of the group should join as friends.

Clean up the hunting quests : Use the Mercenary Mission item from the Adventure Meatball shop to instantly clear the hunting quests, that is, those that ask you to kill X monsters or get X items. The number of quests assumed by group members will set the number of Friendship Tests received. Make sure each member cleared their quests so that the whole group receives as many Friendship Tests as possible.

Clear Training Ground : Instantly clear Training Ground using the Training Ground Monster Report from the Adventure Meatball Store.

Clear Five Time Slots : If you have not yet reached the Friendship Proof limit, use the Adventure Meatball’s Purification Grails item to instantly wipe Time Slots.

If for some reason you’ve still reached the 100 Friendship Tests, just complete helping weaker players in the Endless Tower.

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