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Ready to Welcome Lahn, Black Desert SEA Presents 40% Discount in All Packages!

In a matter of a few hours, gamers especially the SEA region are ready for the presence of the latest Black Desert class, Lahn. Before this class was released, Black Desert itself had announced a pre-registration event, where players were able to customize their Lahn character, where later the character could begin to be used when the Lahn character was present in the Black Desert SEA.

In addition, an interesting event that is presented is that you can get a discount of 40% for each package. This event itself will end on 1 May 2019. And you could say this event is the first discount event in the history of Black Desert SEA, so new players can join their friends who have already played Black Desert SEA.

The presence of Lahn was also one of the highlights during the ‘Voice of Adventures ll’, which was the offline event of the Black Desert SEA where it began today. 50 players will be met where they will discuss the upcoming updates and talk about community suggestions about fun activities, of course. By presenting this event, it is certain that it will make the community play Black Desert SEA comfortably and without any boredom, of course.

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