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Soon to be Released in Mobile Legends, Know Beforehand These Khufra Skills

Mobile Legends finally released a new hero at Original Server, Khufra, on March 12, 2019 tomorrow.

Khufra is a tank hero with the specialties of Crowd Control / Initiator that comes along with update 1.3.42 in Advanced Server Mobile Legends some time ago.

This hero tank is a greedy ruler, cooler than ice, and greedy to an unlimited extent.

Uniquely, Khufra has hands like an elastic spring and has a creepy face like the character of a Joker.

Khufra is a strong hero in Charging and Crowd Control, which makes this hero a natural enemy of Blink Skill users.

Khufra Mobile Legends

We just discussed Khufra’s skills, kuy!

Spell Curse (Passive Skill)

Khufra’s passive skill

Khufra activates the Curse Spell every 12 seconds to increase the attack distance of the next Basic Attack, provides maximum HP and Damage Magic, and decreases the opponent’s Movement Speed.

Khufra will also restore his maximum HP. Every time Khufra uses the skill to cause Crowd Control effects to the opponent’s hero , the cooldown Spell Curse will decrease for 4 seconds.

Tyrant’s Revenge (Skill 1)

Skill 1 Khufra

Khufra pulled a bandage in his hand to throw himself towards the specified direction. Giving Khufra maximum physical damage and HP to all opponents on the path.

When reaching the farthest point or crashing into an opponent hero , Khufra will immediately stop, then give maximum physical and HP damage to the opponent around, and cause a KnockUp effect.

Bouncing Ball (Skill 2)

Skill 2 Khufra

Khufra uses a bandage to wrap herself into a Magical Bouncing Ball that can bounce and can increase her Physical and Magical Defense. Opponents who try to use the blink skill to move across Khufra will be Knock Up.

Every time a Magical Bouncing Ball bounces hits the ground, it will deal magic damage from the maximum of the cellphone to nearby opponents and reduce their Movement Speed.

Tyrant’s Rage (Ultimate Skill)

Khufra’s ultimate skill

Khufra pulls all opponents around him in the future, dealing physical damage and decreasing their Movement Speed ​​for 1.25 seconds. If the opponent hits the wall, the opponent will receive an additional physical damage of 150% damage skill and the slow effect received will increase to a stun effect. (*)

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