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Tencent Now Launches its Global “Steam” Game Sales Platform

Remember WeGame?

In recent years, Tencent has become a party from an eastern country that is ambitious to control most of the game industry landscape. Not only about the magnitude of their role in breeding online and mobile games that are growing on the market, Tencent is also expanding its influence in the AAA game industry development sector through a partnership with major parties such as Riot Games, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, and 40% of the shares they have from Epic Games.

Even the most interesting, Tencent has not left behind and has long started following in the footsteps of Valve in releasing a sales distribution platform for digital games that they named WeGame . Even though it’s still not as phenomenal as Steam, Tencent seems to still not give up in developing the results of its poor performance so that it can bear fruit in time.

Right on this day, Tencent’s WeGame platform for the first time has been officially launched globally. In a sense, not only gamers in China will be able to enjoy it, all PC gamers throughout the world can also take part to volunteer as one of the consumers in this fairly fresh launcher platform.

By taking the name WeGame X , unfortunately there are still not many features and storefronts of the type of game that Tencent offers in front of its gamers. There are around less than 20 major indie games that they can only present for a while, one of the popular examples is Chinese Parents, My Time at Portia, and Forts. While free to play games such as Nishan Shaman itself are reported to still not be localized in languages ​​that are much easier to understand by many people.

Apart from indie games made by developers from the bamboo curtain country, Tencent also reportedly will also present quite popular IP-IP games from western publishers such as Deep Silver, Larian Studios, even Hello Games. The presence of user reviews, tags genres, cloud save, and offline did not miss also coloring the release of the WeGame X platform.

For you PC gamers in Indonesia, unfortunately this platform seems to still not be comfortable for you to use. Due to the fact that the Tencent game payment options provided are still not as powerful as Steam or Epic Games Store. You at WeGame X can only buy games via credit cards and bank transfer services that appear to be more for residents in the Chinese territory.

You can see all the details about the WeGame X platform through the following link . In the upper right hand corner of number two, there is a choice of language options that can help you recognize this platform and start downloading it if you are interested.

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