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This Apex Legends Cheat Maker Makes 71 Million In 4 Days

Apex Legends is the most popular battle royale game because of its unique graphics and heroes.

This game made by Respond and Electronic Arts has just been released a month ago, and apparently there are a lot of cheats .

Apparently the cheat maker Apex Legends also made money with a considerable amount.

This cheat maker can produce 71 million for four days since it was released and sold the cheat.

Reporting from Kotaku, the cheat maker Apex Legends named ‘Dev’ claimed that he was selling a cheat.

Even Dev doesn’t hesitate to provide proof of transactions of the players who bought the Apex Legends cheat .

Previously Dev was a cheat maker for Fortnite, Epic Games battle royale game and also made a lot of money.

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Dev revealed that many Fortnite players had moved to Apex Legends because it was difficult to use cheats on Fortnite.

Epic Games seems to have improved the anti-cheat system so that all types of cheats on Fortnite will be easy to read.

Therefore, Apex Legends as a newly released and free battle royale game is easy to break through the system and make the cheat.

Fortunately, Respawn is in the process of tightening the anti-cheat system on Apex Legends .

I guess the money that Dev has got is fairly unclean or isn’t it? As a good and clean player, you can’t use cheats. (*)

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