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Tibia: Know the playable mounts of the game

Tibia , though old, launches from time to time some important updates to the gameplay . One of the most interesting, launched in 2010, was the Christmas Update, which brought the mounts. Mounts are animals that the player can tame, buy or rent. Its unique function is to speed up your movement through the map.

Currently there are 141 mounts available in Tibia . Unfortunately not all are tammable. One is for rent, others can be won by doing quests . A good number can be purchased through a purchase in the game Store . Others, coming from special events, could only be acquired by 2014.

Below you can see a table with everything you need to know about tamable mounts of Tibia. We will explain just how to tame each one. Check out!

Tame mounts

The first thing you need to know about mounts is that they all provide 10+ speeds. So what differs one creature from another is not the attribute plus points they offer. It is important to say that you can have more than one mount if you wish. To switch between them just go to the window outfits .

The problem is that all the tame mounts in the list below will require you to have a Premium account. If you do not want or can not have one, you will have to buy one or more mounts in the Store . The only way not to end up spending is using the Rented Horse , which is the rented horse.

If you have the Premium account, see below how to tame the simplest mounts in Tibia .

Mount How to tame
Black Sheep Use the Reins dressage item on a Black Sheep
Crystal Wolf Use the Diapason dressage item on a Crystal Wolf. For the creature to appear, you must have a Thornfire Wolf. Take it to the Bog Temple and immerse it in the sacred waters during the World Change Thornfire
Donkey Have a Bag of Apple Slices . Use it on an Incredibly Old Witch or any creature transformed into a Donkey
Dragonling Find a Dragonlin. Use a Music Box or a Decorative Ribbon on it to tame it
Draptor Similar to above. Use a Music Box or a Harness in a Draptor
Dromedary To tame the Dromedary, use Fist on a Stick on the creature
Flying Book If you have a Library Ticket you only have to use it in a Flying Book
Hibernal Moth Use a Purple Tendril Lantern on a Hibernal Moth to capture it
Ironblight Iron Loadstone or Music Box are the items you should use to tame Ironblight
Kingly deer Music Box or Golden Fir Cone Must Be Used To Capture A Kingly Deer
Lacewing Moth Lacewing Moth can only be tamed via the item Turquoise Tendril Lantern
Ladybug Use a Four-leaf Clover on a Ladbug to tame it
Magma Crawler Glow Wine or Music Boox can be used to capture a Magma Crawler
Manta Ray Use Foxtail on a Manta Ray to tame him
Midnight Panther Use a Leather Whip or Music Box on a Midnight Panther to tame it
Soft The Mole will require the use of a Candle Stump
Neon Sparkid Crackling Egg is needed to tame Neon Sparkid
Noble Lion The Lion’s Heart is the item to capture Noble Lion
Racing Bird Carrot on a Stick should be used for Racing Bird dressage
Rapid Boar Use the Hunting Horn to tame a Rapid Boar
Scorpion King Scorpion Scepter is the item to dominate a Scorpion King
Shock head Nightmare Horn is the only item to tame a Shock Head
Sparkion Use a Vibrant Egg in a Sparkion and master it
Stone Rhino Astral Shaper Rune is your shingle item to tame a Stone Rhino
Tamed Panda Use a Bamboo Leaves or a Music Box on a Tamed Panda to capture it
Tiger Slug Slug Drug is what will help you tame a Tiger Slug
Tin Lizzard Use a Tin Key in an Inoperative Tin Lizzard
Titanica Giant Shrimp is the item to tame the Titanica
Undead Cavebear It is Maxilla Maximus the only item to master an Undead Cavebear
Uniwheel Use a Golden Can of Oil on a Uniwheel
Ursagrodon Use Melting Horn on one of the frozen Ursagrodon in Frozen Ursagrodon’s Cave . Important: The item must be used three times on the same bear for it to function, however it may break in the middle of use.
Vortexion Menacing Egg used in a Vortexion is what captures
Walker Control Unit will cause you to capture a Walker
War Bear Slingshot is the item to capture a War Bear
War Horse Music Box or Sugar Oat : one of two items is enough to capture a War Horse
Water Buffalo Use a Leech in a Water Buffalo to capture him
Widow Queen Sweet Smelling Bait is the item to be used in a Widow Queen

Other mounts in Tibia

There are dozens of other mounts available in Tibia . Most, unfortunately, will require you to jump in the Store and spend real money. There are still a good deal of creatures that can be obtained through random quests that you find in the places you explore. Even these events require you to have a Premium account of the game.

Three creatures are no longer available to conquer, which is the case of Azudocus, Carpacosaurus and Platesaurian. They were available until October 7, 2014, through purchase at the game’s store . These mounts, therefore, are no longer available if you have not acquired them by the date mentioned.

Anyway, nothing prevents you from having a mount without having to spend real money. The Rented Horse is available if you pay 500 gp. It is possible to rent this horse in Thais, with Palomino, or in Venore, with Appaloosa. The use of this mount is limited to 24 hours with each rental.

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