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Tips on Playing Priest in Ragnarok Online Mobile

Not long ago in the mobile both ios and android users, a new game appeared called Ragnarok Online M. Actually this game had been around for a long time, but only this time it was opened for SEA servers, and of course Indonesia was included. It didn’t take long until this game was loved by many gamers in Indonesia.

Currently in Ragnarok Mobile there are 6 job options, namely:

1. Acolyte 
2. Swordman 
3. Mage 
4. Thief 
5. Archer 
6. Merchant

For job 2 there are 10 choices, namely:

1. Priest 
2. Monk 
3. Knight 
4. Crusader 
5. Hunter 
6. Assassin 
7. Rogue 
8. Wizard 
9. Blacksmith 
10. Alchemist

Of course at the beginning, you will start as a novice. Only at level 10, you can only choose a job. Want Acolye / Swordman / Mage / Thief / Archer / Merchant. Ok, it’s quite an introduction about Ragnarok Mobile and its jobs. Furthermore, those who will know TahuPedia will discuss how to develop Job Priest. The following tips are based on personal opinion, if you have your own opinion, the following tips can be the umpteenth reference.

First of all, you first decide what style of Priest you want to play. From TahuPedia there are 3 Priest playing styles, namely:

1. Full Support Priest 
2. Battle Priest (physical) 
3. Battle Priest (magic)

Full Support Priest

This type of Priest is a priest whose playing style truly supports party friends. This Priest will increase the status of party friends to finish off monsters. Full Support Priest does not need to have high damage attack skills but the advantage is more. The Minus of Full Support Priest is because Full Support Priest does not focus on skills that can produce high damage, Full Support Priest must find party friends every time they play. If you can’t, then you will have difficulty raising levels.

The recommended status for Full Support Priest is

Int 99 
Vit 99 
Dex 30, or

Int 99 
Vit 99

The recommended skill is

Lv 8 Heal – heal or give damage to 
Lv 10 Kyrie monsters – gives 30% protection against cellphone when hit by 
Lv 1 Pneuma melee – immune to long distance physical attacks 
Lv 10 Bless – +20 int / str / dex 
Lv 10 Agi – + 20% agi or 30% movement speed


Lv 10 Sanc – ground target  
Lv 5 Magni – 200% SP recovery every 10 seconds 
Lv 10 Impo – +100 damage or reduce def monster 120 seconds 
Lv 4 Resu – turn on a dead friend 
Lv 1 Aspersio – turn blows into 
Lv light elements 5 Disperse – removes debuffs (100% chance when reaching Lv 5) 
Lv 5 Gloria – luck +20

Battle Priest (Physical)

Battle Priest (Physical) is far different from Full Supporting Priest. If Full Supporting Priest dedicates his life to support a friend of one party, then Battle Pries (Physical) are priest types who come forward and beat every monster with their magic wands. However, Battle Priest (Physical) can still do some minor buffs if there is no Full Supporting Priest. And when compared to Full Supporting Priest, Battle Priest (Physical) can still hunt monsters alone1.

The status recommended for Battle Priest (Physical) is

Str 99 
Agi 99, or

Str 99 
Agi 69 
Luck 30

The recommended skill is

Lv 10 Heal – heal to yourself 
Lv 10 Bless – +20 int / str / dex 
Lv 10 Agi – +20 agi / 30% movement speed 
Lv 10 Mace mastery – or +60


Lv 10 Impo – +100 or lower def 
Lv 5 Gloria – +20 luck 
Lv 2 Aspersio – change the physical / neutral field into a light element

The remaining 23 skill points, you are free to choose which priest skill you want to increase.

Battle Priest (Magical)

Battle Priest (Magical) leveling is definitely not as easy as Battle Priest (Physical) because of the casting skill time, but not as difficult as Full Supporting Priest. Playing as Battle Priest (Magical), you depend on 3 main skills, namely Holy Light, Turn Undead, and Magnus E.

Holy Light is almost instant cast for one target, can be dispam, use sp is low (16 sp at lv 10).

Undead Turn is to have the opportunity to instantly kill your opponent, otherwise damage is calculated depending on your int. It is recommended to increase this skill to lv 5.

Magnus E. is the most painful skill for priests. At lv 10, the damage from this skill can double up to 1000%. Maximize this skill after you have enough skill points.

The status recommended for Battle Priest (Magical) is

Int 99 
Dex 99, or

Int 99 
Dex 69 
Vit 30

The recommended skill is

Lv 10 Holy light – 300% with multiplier skill (spammable) 
Lv 10 Heal – heal (gives damage to monster undead) 
Lv 10 Bless – +20 int / str / dex 
Lv 10 Agi – +20 agi / 30% movement speed


Lv 10 Sanctuary – ground heal target (820 / sec, heal / seconds can increase 
Lv 5 Magni magic attack – 200% sp recovery every 10 seconds 
Lv 5 Turn undead – undead instant kill, if not, damage depends on 
Lv 10 Magnus int – 1000% damage multiplier aoe skill Damage increases 200% if the target is undead 
Lv 10 Sp recovery additional sp recovery passive Pair it with Magni, you will not run out of sp.

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