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Various HD games for the best PC with 4GB of RAM

DuniaGames – When talking about game graphics, now the latest games in the AAA category in particular can be said to have graphic quality that is very indulgent to the eye. But, to be able to taste HD games for the best PC, of ​​course you need ferocious hardware specifications. Fortunately, not all games with HD graphics quality like this need a high rig. There are some of them which can still be played on PCs with 4GB of RAM. Do you want to know what the game is? Check out more here!

Various HD games for PCs with 4GB of RAM

Battlefield 4

This FPS game made by EA Games has always been a favorite of FPS gamers, besides Activision’s Call of Duty. In the Battlefield 4 series, EA uses their flagship game engine, Frostbite 3. Evidently Frostbite 3 has succeeded in creating an atmosphere of war in Battlefield 4 to be even more real. Object details, blast effects and lighting need not be doubted.

Sniper Elite 3

This one game is the 3rd series (while the 4th series you can read the review here ) which focuses on the action of a sniper named Karl Faiburne who this time was given an assignment in Africa. The game combines elements of open world, stealth, and shooting. Although the graphics quality in this game looks amazing, in fact the game can be run on an old PC.

NFS Rivals

Similar to the Battlefield 4 game, another game made by EA is NFS Rivals which is also made using the Frostbite 3 engine. Evidently both can be optimised by EA so that it can be played on a low end PC. NFS Rivals itself was released in 2013 and is the 20th series of Need for Speed.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This is the stealth action game that Konami released in 2015. Carrying the open world theme and AAA label makes gamers assume that the MGSV is very hard to run. But it turns out that Metal Gear Solid is very light to play on even low end PCs.

That is the information we can share about various HD games for the best PC with 4GB of RAM. May be useful.

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