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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: 10 tips that will turn you into King of the Duelists

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is one of the most popular mobile card games . It brings all the familiar atmosphere of the anime and other games of the franchise. That’s why, with so many characters, cards and ways to play, it’s normal that you get lost when you start the game.

For you to have the best experience possible with Duel Links , we bring some precious tips on the game . Much more than learning how to build a good deck , this Yu-Gi-Oh brings a lot of gameplay and evolution options that you need to learn to do well.

1. Choose wisely between Yugi and Kaiba

The first choice of the game is soon in the first few seconds of gameplay . And it is one of the most important ones you will have to do. Choosing between Yugi and Kaiba is something that will affect your gaming experience at least until you reach level 15. This is when the other character is unlocked so you can play with it.

We say this because most beginners choose their character based on the anime. Or out of sympathy for Kaiba or Yugi. The correct thing, however, is to think about the decks of each one. If you choose Yugi, for example, you will have the legendary Black Mage and monsters fiends and with magic. Kaiba already bets on dragons and other winged creatures.

Therefore, it is interesting that you evaluate with which type of cards you are most interested or able to play. Because there are two different decks , your playing style will eventually shape up to the cards you choose.

2. Learn how to play Speed ​​Duel

The first Yu-Gi-Oh games brought a game model that quickly consolidated itself: the Trading Card Game , better known as TCG. The TCG, however, gave way in Duel Links to what we call Speed ​​Duel . That is to say: the idea is that the duels are faster, more intense, focusing on a defeat by loss of hit points.

The TCG, for example, puts the duelists at 8,000 health points, while Speed ​​Duel brings them in half since the battle began. The sizes of the decks are different too, with the TCG with 40 to 60 cards, and Speed ​​Duel with 20 to 30. The number of cards in the hand and in the field also differ.

At first you will certainly be surprised by these differences. So we recommend that you take the tutorial and go through all the explanatory phases of the game. Only with practice will you get accustomed.

3. Mount your deck with intelligence

Mounting the deck can be the most fun part, as well as the most annoying and difficult part of Duel Links . After all, there are hundreds of cards available, including spells, traps, skillsand monsters. Choosing a combination of a maximum of 30 cards to have on a deck seems rather laborious.

And is! So planning the deck assembly is essential not to waste time. After some initial duels in the game you will be able to check which types of creatures exist and which ones suit you the most. As you battle with legendary duelists like Joe, you will unlock your decks . Starting with an established set of cards can be a good alternative.

Either way, this decision needs to be made early in the game. This will also set the boostersyou will buy, so it is not worth spending money on cards you will not use. Think, plan and assemble a winning deck and according to your playing style.

4. Do not waste your gems for free.

This tip is very attached to the tip above. The great purpose of the gems in Duel Links is to allow you to acquire cards. Whether it is in the Store or the Merchant, you will need these precious stones. So nothing to waste them for nothing. If you are purchasing a booster , for example, please inform yourself before completing the purchase. Make sure your cards even fit the purpose of your deck .

The same goes for the Card Merchant. It has some of the rarest cards in the game, which is quite interesting. But to trade with him, you need gems or gold. When you get a card from him, make sure it’s even needed and indispensable on your deck . Buying a powerful but useless card in your duel system is a big mistake.

Keep an eye out for the fact that you can get gems for free at Duel Links . You can click a gem location button , which will show you where to find them. There are known places, such as the water source of the Portal, the light poles of the PvP arena and the trash can in the Letters Studio. Gems are not always available, but worth a try.

5. Challenge machine-controlled duelists

Of course all the players of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links want to compete with each other to see that he is the great King of the Duelists. But to get to the level of challenging other players , you need to train against the Artificial Intelligence of the game. So you can pick up the basic mechanics of the duels, as well as find your playing style right next to your deck .

6. Use your special abilities

Most beginner Duel Links players do not know the special abilities of each character. These skills are learned as you evolve in the game with a determined duelist as well as from your duels. They are important because they provide help at the time of battle.

Yami Yugi, for example, has his own skill set . At level 4 he gets the Power of the Dark , which, if activated, causes Yami to take over the field. As it evolves, other abilities are added to your set . The fun is that you can learn the unique skills of other duelists while dueling with them.

7. Understand the moments of attacking and defending

Even if it does not look like it, Duel Links is a strategy game. It is foolish to think that all you have to do in a duel is to reduce the opponent’s hit points to zero. To win, you must try to anticipate what the opponent will do. This is even more important when he starts the match.

The attack is not always the best defense. Sometimes simply putting a monster turned upside down is the best it can do. Especially if the opponent has a powerful monster in offensive position or if it has some magic card or trap facing down.

Study your hand, study your opponent’s field, and plot your strategy. Do not try to think many turns ahead. Think of the now and try to find ways to not take damage in hit points. If this is done, you can try to attack the other duelist.

8. Use the magic cards and the traps cards wisely

Unfortunately many think attacking is the best tactic in Duel Links anyway . Whoever saw the anime knows that an unsupported attack has a high chance of being repelled by spells and trap cards . So why not do the same on your side of the field?

Magic cards are essential because they have several functions. It is possible to increase the attack and defense points of a creature, for example, or prevent the opponent from attacking during “x” turns. Trap cards can destroy powerful monsters, repel direct attacks, and many other features.

Letting go of these cards is a big mistake you can not make. So find some space on your deck for some of them. Choose them carefully so they do not become oblivious to your grief style.

9. Finalize the Duel Quiz

The Quiz Duel can be one of the most chatinhos game modes Duel links , but it is one of the most important for beginners. As anyway you will have to finalize some to continue in the phases, nothing better than to do all soon!

As you advance in this game mode, you will earn some unique and useful cards to any deck . Block Attack is one of them, plus Banner of Courage and Remove trap . If you do not want to go to the end to win these three prizes, complete at least the 1-star Quiz Duel , which already gives you good experience and rewards.

10. Take a chance on PvP duels

Playing online against other players is the funniest part of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links . But this experience is only pleasant when you have some experience in the game . It’s no use going to the Duel Arena if you’re not ready for it.

So mount a strong deck , with new cards in relation to the initial deck . This will be a huge advantage over beginning duelists. But if you want to face only players of your level, the tip is to go for ranked duels.


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